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Prairie Hope High School (formerly known as Neelin High School Off Campus/BSD Off Campus) is an initiative of the Brandon School Division that opened its doors to the public in September of 2007.  

We offer an alternative and unique school setting, for students who are at risk of discontinuing their education for a variety of reasons, students are self-directed and able to work at a more flexible pace. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 
What is Prairie Hope High School?
Prairie Hope High School is an alternative school setting for students who are at risk of discontinuing their education for a variety of reasons. Students are self-directed and work at a more flexible pace.  

It is our intention to meet the needs of students who may not function well within the traditional high school setting. Course requirements here are the same as they are at other Manitoba High Schools.

Who can attend Prairie Hope High School?  
Prairie Hope High School is open to students who are not attending high school at the present time. This may include:
*  Students currently not registered in any high school
*  Students registered in a high school, but not attending.

NOTE: Older students (closer to 18), who choose to attend here, tend to be most successful.

What does self-directed mean?
We encourage students to set dates for completion of a unit of work, but that may be different for each student. Students set goals and go through the steps to attain these goals within a reasonable period of time. We help students plan their program but each student is the most responsible for their program.

Do I have to attend regularly?
In order for students to be successful and complete courses towards graduation, it will be very important to attend regularly. Personal circumstances that hinder attendance need to be discussed with a teacher to set up personal goals. Our goal is to help you receive an education and we will try to help in whatever way we can. 

Can students graduate from Prairie Hope High School? 
Students can graduate in one of two different ways:
*  Regular graduation: 30 credits are required
*  Mature student graduation (if specific criteria are met)

What happens if students do not meet the goals they have set for themselves?  
One of the teachers will meet with the student to set new goals. Ultimately students must meet their goals in order to graduate from high school.

How do I register?  
If you are currently not attending a high school, pick up a registration form from the Prairie Hope High School site, or any other BSD High School.  Upon completion, return the form to Prairie Hope High School and you will receive a call from our Guidance Counsellor.

If you are currently registered at one of the high schools, you must be recommended by your Principal. We recommend that you approach a Counsellor or Resource Teacher to discuss this.

What kind of courses are offered?
We offer a combination of self-directed and Web C.T. courses. These include courses at the Grade 9 to 12 levels. 

Is there student parking at Prairie Hope High School?  
No.  Unfortunately, we do not have our own parking lot for students. For those who are driving, there are several options within a short walk.  There are monthly passes for lots that are close to the school.  There is free parking on the street within two blocks of Prairie Hope High School.  Two hour downtown meter parking is also available for students and visitors.  

Am I able to access transportation to Prairie Hope High School?  
Yes!  Prairie Hope High School has it's own van this year. We provide transportation from home to school and back. Contact Student Services to get registered. Call the school - 204-725-2630.

If you are a student registered for the van and need to let them know you won't need pick up call 204-761-0301.

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