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PHHS ELA Program

Brandon School Division EAL Bridging and Transitioning Program for Newcomer Youth

This new program is tailored for young adult newcomer students between the ages of 18-21.  EAL%203.jpg

Offered at Prairie Hope High School, students are able to work towards high school credits while also accessing BSD and community supports for English as an additional language, literacy and academic learning.  Students attend classes with direct instruction, while also working at their own pace.


Morning programming focuses on targeted, authentic and experiential language and literacy instruction.   

Afternoon programming provides students with flexible, active learning opportunities that will focus on each student’s needs and interests.  For example, students can work towards earning credits, access community resources and supports, gain work experiences, or continue literacy and language learning.

Community Partnerships Include:

  • Westman Immigrant Services
  • Settlement Workers in Schools
  • YMCA of Brandon
  • Brandon Literacy Council 
  • Career & Employment Youth Services
  • Brandon University
  • Assiniboine Community College

Culturally Responsive Employment Training

Many young adult students need to work to support themselves or contribute to their families.   For this reason, part of our program focuses on offering students support in accessing employment services, while also engaging in class discussions and embedding employment topics into class assignments.  Students are also encouraged to participate in partnerships we have established with Brandon University and Assiniboine Community College to learn more about post secondary education opportunities in the areas of their interests.


Graduating with a Mature Student DiplomaELA%20Class.jpg

When students arrive to Canada as a young adult EAL learner, they may not have time to complete a regular Manitoba High School Diploma before turning 21.  In the Bridging and Transitioning program, we help students work towards earning a Mature Student Diploma. 

A Mature Student Diploma includes:

  • 4 credits at the grade 12 level and 4 other credits (can be grade 9 to 12 credits)
  • Students must complete grade 12 ELA, a grade 12 Math.

Working at their own pace allows students to spend the time they need to learn English while they also work towards earning high school credits.  Students can continue to work on the essential credits during the course of the whole school year, instead of only for one semester. 

When students are ready to transition out of the program, we support them by helping them bridge to other services, for example Westman Immigrant Services, Assiniboine Community College, Brandon University, Brandon Literacy Council, or into the work force through the support of Career & Employment Youth Services or other employment supports in the community.

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