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Student Transportation

We released our 2021-2022 School Opening Plan on August 14, 2021, indicating that transportation for students would return to pre-COVID policies and practices with some additional cleaning requirements.

All Kindergarten to Grade 12 students who are eligible for transportation will continue to receive school bus transportation. Students eligible for transportation are: 

  • Grades K-8 students living within the City of Brandon who have more than 1.6 kilometers to walk to their designated school or live outside the City of Brandon limits; 
  • Grades 9-12 students living within the City of Brandon and having more than 2.4 kilometers to walk to the assigned school attended, or live outside the City of Brandon limits, shall be provided with school bus transportation service.

A communication from the Transportation Department will be distributed via email through School Messenger today, August 30, 2021, to parents/guardians of bused students with scheduling details for bus pick up and drop off.

A Reminder to Parents/Guardians of Bus Students:   

Please remember to contact the Transportation Office if your child will be absent from riding the bus. Parents may communicate by either calling 204-729-3975 or by sending a note with the student for their driver. 

Please also contact the Transportation Office if a bus student's contact information has changed or if other pick up /drop off arrangements are being made.

Should you have any questions related to your child's transportation, please contact: 

Brandon School Division Transportation Department

Phone: 204-729-3975 Email: 


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