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Meet the Board Members

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2018-11-22 Linda Ross.png
Dr. Linda Ross, Chairperson
14 Magnacca Crescent
Brandon, MB R7B 2N9
Phone: 204-724-9687
Ward One

2018-11-22 Sherilyn Bambridge.png
Ms. Sherilyn Bambridge, Vice-Chairperson
Box 5 Site 240 RR #3
Brandon, MB  R7A 5Y3
Phone:  204-724-7841
Ward Two

Calistus Ekenna-12.jpg
Mr. Calistus Ekenna
1050 Dennis Street
Brandon, MB R7A 5G3
Phone: 204-333-5488
Ward One

2018-11-22 Kim Fallis.png
Ms. Kim Fallis
830 – 4th Street
Brandon, MB  R7A 3H7
Phone: 204-761-5114
Ward One

2018-11-22 Kim Fallis.png
Mr. Blaine Foley
2115 Rosser Ave
Brandon, MB R7B 0C8
Phone: 204-922-0170
Ward One

2018-11-22 Lisa Letain.png
Mr. Jason Gobeil
854 5th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 3L6
Phone: 431-307-6720
Ward One

2018-11-22 Delvina Kejick.png
Ms. Delvina Kejick
659 – 15th Street
Brandon, MB R7A 4W6
Phone: 204-730-4809
Ward One

2018-11-22 Lisa Letain.png
Ms. Lisa Letain
631 McDiarmid Drive
Brandon, MB   R7B 2H6
Phone: 204-730-5202
Ward One

2018-11-22 Jim Murray.png
Mr. Jim Murray
15 Canada Crescent
Brandon, MB R7B 2Z7
Phone: 204-725-1494 or
Ward One

NOTE: To have a letter included on the agenda of the Board meeting, please address it to the Chairperson of the Board and submit to:

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