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École O'Kelly School is a dual-track K-8 English and K-4 French Immersion school located on the military base at Canadian Forces Base Shilo, about 30 kilometers east of Brandon.  Our catchment area also consists of rural property, subdivided acreages and two trailer park areas within seven kilometers of the school.  This includes the community area of Sprucewoods that is just outside the north gate of the Base.

Our school was built in 1957.  The two-story concrete block building structure with stucco and brick facade is typical of many schools on military bases across Canada.

École O'Kelly School offers the regular English K-8 and French Immersion K-4 programs following Manitoba Education curriculum guidelines.  We have access to all of Brandon School Division's Student Support Services (e.g. Psychologist, Social Worker, Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational and Physio Therapy, Aboriginal Counselor) and work collaboratively with staff from Public Health, Children's Special Services, the Child and Adolescent Treatment Center and the Military Family Resource Center. The resource and literacy support teachers as well as the librarian and HALEP teacher help classroom teachers develop appropriate educational learning opportunities so that all students are taught in a way that allows them to be successful and interested in learning in an inclusive classroom atmosphere and through the use of RTI strategies.

Learning Beliefs:  

What we believe about learning (September 2006, Revised May 18, 2012)

  • Every child has the right to and must be provided with the opportunity to learn in a safe environment
  • Learning is child-based, child-centered and developmental and needs to be nurtured
  • Recognize different learning styles and make adaptations to provide constructive, hands-on activities
  • Incorporate goal setting with positive feedback
  • Maintain effective communication to foster empathy and compassion in our school community
  • Prepare students for their futures by teaching them lifelong academic skills and how to be responsible and productive members of their community
  • Work together as a collaborative team
  • Model expected behaviors and practices 

Attendance & Call Back

If your child is going to be absent or late, please ensure you notify our Home School Liaison at 204-729-2798. We need to know that all of our students are safe.

Our school operates a call back program as a way of making sure that students who have left for school have arrived safely. Parents of children who are absent without reason will be contacted to verify the reason for the absence. This is a way to ensure your child's safety and attendance at school.

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