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Grad Coordinator: Erin Kowal

Student Services (transcripts, credits, honour roll) 
Phone: 204-729-3960

If you would like to receive grad info and updates by email, please email


Please check your Grade 12 Student Team regularly for scholarship and other post-secondary information and opportunities


  • The average for Grad Honour Roll is calculated using six courses.  These six courses must include your compulsory grade 12 English and your compulsory grade 12 Math.  Then, we include four other 'elective' courses at grade 12 level (courses at grade 12 level are coded with a 4, ie: 40S, 40G, 42S, 41G)
  • PE 40F does not have a percentage grade; it cannot count toward Grad Honour Roll.
  • It does not matter what year you completed your courses.  For example, if you completed Law 40S in your grade 11 year, it can still count toward Grad Honour Roll.
  • If you have taken two compulsory Math credits (ie: Pre-Cal 40S and Applied 40S), we will use your better mark as your compulsory Math mark in calculating the average.
  • If you have taken two compulsory Math credits, one Math mark will be used as your compulsory math mark and the second Math mark could be used as one of your four elective credits.
  • If you have taken more than four courses at grade 12 level, we will use the four courses in which you earned the highest marks.
  • AP courses definitely count as 'grade 12 level' elective courses.
  • If you have taken two similar courses (ie: Psychology 40S and AP Psychology 42S), both courses can count toward your Honour Roll Average.
  • If you do not have a minimum of four 'elective' courses at grade 12 level, you will not be eligible for Grad Honour Roll.  Even if all the rest of your marks are super awesome.
  • It is an average.   This means that it is not required that each course be greater than or equal to 85%.  The six courses just need to average to 85% (or higher).


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