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Scholarship and Bursary

Students are encouraged to research scholarship and bursary information early in the school year in order to meet the various deadlines. Come to the Career Centre for up-to-date scholarship applications and information.

Types of Awards

SCHOLARSHIPS: Based on academic and/or personal abilities; do not have to be repaid.
BURSARIES: Based on financial need; do not have to be repaid.
LOANS: Must be repaid after graduation from university (or discontinuance of studies), including interest.
PRIZE/AWARD: Certificates, medals, plaques, etc. given in recognition of excellent performance.
Deadlines: Award applications must be submitted before certain dates. If it's a mailed-in application, allow adequate time for delivery.

Tips on Finding Scholarships - Start Locally!

You are going to have the greatest success finding scholarships by starting with your parents, your employers, and your local organizations. You also increase your odds of actually winning a scholarship by hitting your local organizations first. You may only be going up against a few other local students, versus the entire student population of the country.

Have your parents ask their personnel administrator if their company offers any sort of financial aid, tuition reimbursement, or scholarships, for employee's children. Most major companies do offer this benefit. If you have a job, ask your own company if they offer this sort of benefit.

Volunteer work
Have you done any volunteer work? Perhaps at your local hospital? Do you help out at the food bank? Are you involved with the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts? All are excellent sources.
What professional or social organizations are you or your parents involved with? 4H, Rotary, Lions Club? Association for Internet Addiction? You name it. If you or your parents are a member of an organization, ask them and see if they offer any kind of scholarships. If you are NOT a member of any organizations, the next thing to check with is organizations that represent what you are planning on studying. Many such organizations offer scholarships to students who are studying what they support, even if you are not a member. However, do expect you to join the organization after receiving the scholarship.

Are you or your parents a member of a Union? All the major labor unions offer scholarships for members and their dependent children (CUPE, etc.)

Check with your church. Your local parish may or may not have any scholarships for their members, but the Diocese or headquarters may have some available. And if you have been very active in your local church, they may be able to help you in other ways.

Chamber of Commerce
Check with your local Chamber of Commerce. Many offer (usually small, less than $500) grants to students in the community, especially those planning on careers in Business and Public Service. Even if they do not offer any themselves, you can usually get a listing of members, and many of them may offer small scholarships to local students.

Additional scholarships and bursary programs: 

Manitoba Scholarship and Bursary Initiative 

Financial Supports For Apprentices and Employers

Manitoba Student Aid

Business Council of Manitoba - Aboriginal Education Awards

Manitoba Foundation for Sports Scholarships

Manitoba Women's Institute Bursaries

Nursing Scholarships and Awards

Red River Exhibition Foundation Scholarships

North American Van Lines Logistics Scholarship Competition

Aboriginal Peoples' Program - Post Secondary Scholarship Program

The Helen Betty Osborne Memorial Foundation

Foster Children Bursary Application |


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