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Our Vision and Mission

Vincent Massey High School and community are committed to Brandon School Division’s Vision:  To be a centre of educational excellence, built on community partnerships, effective leadership and exemplary practices. 

Our mission is to build a community of engaged, respectful and socially responsible teachers and learners striving for excellence and success in academics, athletics, the arts and citizenship.

By community, we mean a sense of belonging, a caring atmosphere, positive relationships, feelings of connectedness, and a sense of shared purpose.

By engaged, we mean the active, involved and committed participation of teachers and learners.

By respect, we mean respect for self, for others, and for property.

By socially responsible, we mean that we place value on the following traits and skills:

  • Personal Attributes: Honest and trustworthy (honourable), fair and equitable, respectful, peaceful, compassionate, considerate, empathetic, kind, thoughtful, generous, unselfish, forgiving, open minded with integrity and loyalty , hard working, optimistic, courteous.
  • Personal Skills:  Actively aware of events and issues; life-long learner, goal oriented, forward-looking, dedicated and passionate, proactive and assertive, patient, with self restraint.
  • Cooperation Skills:  Awareness of social rules and attentive to moral obligations, law-abiding within a democratic context of social change, celebrates diversity; is non-judgmental, understands the impact of one's behaviour on community and environment, cooperative, team player, mediator, reliable, prepared, accountable, volunteers skills and time; is community focused. 


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