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Congrats to Jonah Jarvis!

Jonah Jarvis

Vincent Massey is proud to recognize Grade 12 student Jonah Jarvis for his outstanding achievements in the Canadian Chemistry Contest and the CHEM 13 NEWS Exam. 

The CHEM 13 NEWS EXAM sponsored by the University of Waterloo, is designed for grade 12 high school students who are in their senior level Chemistry course. Jonah placed in the 93rd percentile and the top 135 in the world! Jonah will receive a certificate of distinction and limited-edition plaque featuring an element from the Timeline of Elements poster to celebrate his outstanding achievement.

Jonah was also ranked 3rd in the Canadian Chemistry Contest for the region of Manitoba/Saskatchewan/Nunavut. He also ranked 42nd in all of Canada. Jonah will be awarded a merit certificate and a cash prize for his success. 

Congratulations Jonah!

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