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Linden Lanes School was built and classes began in 1964.

A four room addition was built in 1968. A new addition and renovation to the school was completed in October 2003.

Linden Lanes promotes an environment encompassing Respect, Responsibility and Safety.

Objectives and Principles

In carrying out its mission Linden Lanes School is guided by the following objectives and principles:

  • To foster and maintain a safe school environment, physically and emotionally, for students and staff
  • To aid each student in the development of a positive self-image, consideration and respect for others and their property, and honesty with oneself and others
  • To provide each student with opportunities to develop intellectually in order to facilitate learning
  • To provide each student with opportunities and encouragement to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings effectively and appropriately


Learning Beliefs

As a staff we believe that all people are capable of learning.  The statements that follow are reflective of what we believe about how people learn.

  • We learn
    • through our senses.
    • through social and environmental interaction, and through a desire to make sense of our environment.
    • when we achieve success, which in turn enhances self-concept/self-esteem.
    • when mistakes are viewed as opportunities to grow (a positive risk-taking environment)
  • We learn and develop at different rates.
  • We have different styles of learning.
  • Learning is enhanced
    • when our body is rested and well nourished.
    • when all the intelligences are recognized and fostered.
    • when the learner has input and ownership.
    • as a result of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.
    • through self-evaluation. 
  • Emotional growth, resulting from a caring and supportive emotional climate, enhances all learning.
  • Learning is best achieved through a process-oriented approach.
  • Language is integral to learning.
  • Learning Is Life-long.

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