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Allergy/Scent/Electronics Alerts

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Just a reminder that Green Acres School is a scent, shellfish, and nut safe school.

Please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, and other heavily scented products (E.g. hairsprays, deodorant sprays, fabric softener/detergent). 

As well, please refrain from sending any food items that contain nuts, fish or shellfish.  

Please refer to the BSD Administrative Procedures 2105 - Scent Controlled Facilities on the BSD website.

Also, please see below signs that are posted throughout the school.

Cell Phones & Electronics

A friendly reminder that cell phones & electronic devices are not allowed to be brought to school or used on the school grounds during school hours.

We also ask all visitors, staff, parents and students to turn off or silence their device & stay off of their devices while in the school as we follow the BSD Administrative Procedure 2140 & 6080.  We are a "Cell Phone Free Zone" school.  Posters asking for your cooperation with this are placed around the school.

Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

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