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Home School Liaison


A HSL's main job is the attendance.  I check the teacher's entries to see if there are any student(s) unaccounted for.  Then the autodial system will call parents/guardians.  Once you receive this call please call me at the school to let me know where your child is. If I do not hear from you, I will call home to find out where the student(s) are.

We also work with various agencies to make sure our students benefit fully in everything they can!

  • Food For Thought:  Making sure that kids don't go without a healthy breakfast 
  • Sunfund - Camps for Kids:  Giving kids an opportunity to go to camp
  • Kidsport:  Giving kids an opportunity to get active
  • Applications are available and are due the 15th of every month
  • CFB Shilo:  Team work with other staff members to arrange a memorable Remembrance Day Service 
  • United Way:  Mitten Tree donations during the month of November.
  • Christmas Cheer:  Food / Gift Donations are accepted during the month of November.  
  • Christmas Cheer is located in the space below the Public Library at 710 Rosser Ave. 204-727-8933
  • Manitoba Government: Distribute Bike Helmets to students and their Families! (Spring Initiative)  

We do make calls to families to enquire if they are in need of:

  • Financial assistance for KidSport
  • Christmas Hamper
  • A bike helmet from the MB Government helmet program
  • Coat and/or mittens from The United Way

These calls are tough to make as it is a sensitive question to ask.  We consult first with the Classroom Teacher to see if they have any concerns, and then check with the Resource Teacher, or Counsellor.  If you would like to receive assistance and have not been called, please don't hesitate to call me yourself at 204-729-3226.  All calls are confidential. 

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