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Built in 1954, George Fitton was officially opened on October 8th.  The original building underwent renovations in 1966 with the addition of the gymnasium, music room, library, and four additional classrooms.  In 1975 additional facilities including a Life Skills room, mini gymnasium and classrooms.  At that time George Fitton School's student population consisted of kindergarten to grade six students along with six cluster classrooms for mentally challenged students at the Early, Middle, and Senior years levels.  In 1986 the Senior Years Life Skills students were moved to a more age appropriate setting at Neelin High School and in 1995 the Middle years Life Skills students were moved to a Middle Years setting at Riverheights School.  In 1996 the grades five and six students were moved to Harrison Middle School leaving George Fitton as a true Early Years School of K-4 students.  In 1999 the grade 5 students returned to George Fitton School and the school became a K-5 facility.  In September 2010, the grades 6-8 students from Harrison Middle School returned to George Fitton making it a K-8 facility.

In the 2013/14 school year, George Fitton School has three full day kindergarten classes.  There are three Grade 1 classes, two Grade 2 classes, three grade 3 classes, two grade 4 classes, one grade 4/5 multi-age class, two grade 5 classes, two grade 6 classes, and four 7/8 multi-age classes.

Learning Beliefs

  1. Learning is individual, developmental, progressive, lifelong, and is enhanced by a positive self-image.

  2. Learning is best achieved when the basic needs and abilities of the student are considered and addressed in a positive, safe environment.

  3. Learning involves taking risks and experiencing success through a wide variety of active and challenging opportunities.

  4. Learning encompasses the student, their family, friends, school and community to provide meaningful experiences that facilitate the development of academic, physical, social and emotional well-being.


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