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National Propane Day (March 21, 2023)


Tuesday, March 21st marks the inaugural celebration of National Propane Day from the Canadian Propane Association (CPA)

Today, more than 1.3 million children in North America ride to and from school in buses fueled by auto propane. In Canada, dozens of school districts and school bus contractors are adopting low-emission propane buses for proven safety, reduced emissions, and better savings.

Canadian Propane Association (CPA)

Brandon School Division currently has a fleet of 30 propane buses, and next year will have 34 propane buses on the road.  With environmental and fiscal responsibility on our minds, Brandon School Division began using propane buses in 2014.  Using a propane bus versus a traditional fuel bus, has allowed Brandon School Division to reduce our CO2 output by over 2,000,000 lbs., and reduce our overall operating costs and increase our fleet reliability.  

Using propane buses results in cleaner air for our students, drivers, and the community. Propane buses will help transition our school bus fleet to newer green technologies that will be implemented in the school bus industry in the future.

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